2023-08-14 | 🚄 Interrail 2023: Denmark, Sweden, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium

This summer, I did my second Interrail trip. With an Interrail pass, you can travel with many different trains throughout Europe with little to no additional cost. In this post, I will share some pictures I made during this trip through 5 different countries, as well as share the route and trains I have taken.


2021-01-14 | 📚 Notes: How does sequence generation works in Fairseq/Espresso?

Fairseq is a “sequence sequence modeling toolkit written in PyTorch that allows researchers and developers to train custom models for translation, summarization, language modeling and other text generation tasks”. I will try to explain how fairesq generates sequences with a Language Model while using a beam search algorithm.


2020-09-07 | 📚 Notes: Attention! Transformers!

Attention mechanisms, used in encoder-decoder reccurrent neural networks are able to align an input sequence to an output sequence. The transformer, described in “Attention Is All You Need” is a network architecture capable of sequence-to-sequence translations, without using recurrence, and thus, allowing parallelization.